Try to locate where the South is, once you have located it close your eyes for ten seconds. Try to remember which images or ideas of the South came to you if any at all.

Find a comfortable chair or couch, but if you get the chance to find a hammock close by, that is the best option for navigating this site.

Have a glass of water and a candle next to you. Some matches or a lighter may be useful as well.

Here you can find some traces and the mapping of my 

artistic (re)search about migration, (de)coloniality, violence and memory.

So let´s think of this as a personal archive of what I have been filming, writing, collecting and making along this (re)search journey.

You might feel lost while navigating, but don´t worry and just breathe deep. This is also part of my

(re)search on how to transmit the feeling of being lost.

Breathe deeply and try to locate the North, look in that direction and you might feel better looking there.

If you get distracted, try to locate the East. Look in that direction; sometimes it has helped me to focus again. If it does not work, look to the West and try the multi-focus mode.

I hope you have found a hammock or a comfortable couch to navigate, and don´t forget to have a glass of water next to you. And if you feel like it, light a candle if you enter the red zone.

Once you decide to leave this virtual mode, open the window and allow your space to receive some fresh air.

With love,