In 2016, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean with a suitcase filled with my personal archive of hard drives, film reels and a few objects. My intention was to open the archive I had built up while migrating since 2.005 and take the time and space to look at it.

While living in Amsterdam I started the process of de-archiving not just video and film material but also writings and audio recordings. Along this process my archive became a tool to grasp lost memories. So in any attempt at not writing, as I was trying to begin, I ended up writing remembrances.

In the process of remembering I tried to connect personal and family reminiscences with historical events or public memories. This interest in reading into the political context of the places (countries) where I have lived was present in my archive. In this I found some video files and film reels of demonstrations and political struggles where the claim for social justice, erased histories and forced silences have the intrinsic violence so present in Global South, the geographic scenario where I have lived most of my life.

During this process of archiving, de-archiving and self-reflection I found a kind of mantra: I dream of a new world in peace, while remembering, while feeling thinking, while feelmaking while migrating.

Opening Archive Session #1
Ritual performance at The Film Theatre Netherlands Film Academy
December 2016

Looking for a collective session to confront own memories
Confronting darkness with others
Confronting body senses, (aknowledge the body as an archive of e-motions)
Where the absences are archived? and how?
What is missing?
más allá de sólo lo visual-sonoro
Establishing the Time Line