Seeking a red cord, I learned of Earth’s plunder
Gold, porcelain and celluloid, yet
No film of theft by the civilized.
Neither along the Amazon route,
Nor amidst Marco Polo’s dirty maps.
These three materials, handed down from Earth .

With anger and despair,
I felt a lightning in my head
Blue lights before my eyes,
and the soil calling me again.

Cavé hondo con mis manos
toqué la tierra con mis labios
Húmeda en mis manos
Ella se transformó.....
en mil pedazos

Números brotaron
de las lágrimas que venían,
cruzando el océano

Where are you going? They asked
To the depths of Moana I replied
Tortoises watched me
I would swim after them
But their wings flew away from me.
Where are you going? Parrots asked
To where water comes from
I replied.